In the winter I related the beginnings of Awaken Wellness to pregnancy and birthing, while in the spring I shared about how the first 6 months were similar to a child entering the terrible two’s. Now that we have moved into the summer, I share with you AW’s next step of growth into community.

In Chinese medicine the summer is linked with the element of fire.  It is about making connections, love, joy, partnership, having fun, and enjoying the longer warmer days. It is the time of maturation and the fullest expression of the season.  In the cycles of life this is also the case, that the fire stage in one’s life is the time of maturity, moving from infancy into adulthood.

I can remember in middle school at lunch each table was divided into different groups.  I always had a hard time choosing a table because I had friends in more than one group/community. 

Even today when I look at the nature of my relationships they go across age groups, ethnicity, social status, political affiliation, & religion.             

As Awaken Wellness establishes its community I am delighted to see the same diversity.

At the Columbia Triathlon we connected with athletes and provided them pre-and post-massage. We are a sponsor of the Ulman Cancer Fund helping to support cancer research for young adults. At Healthy Howard Day we connected with the family community by offering family yoga. We are networking with local business’ to create relationships with other business owners. There have been two Meet The Artist evenings with our local artists & we’ve had the chance to connect with two completely different groups of individuals. Our connections on Facebook open us up to an even larger eclectic community.

Within the healing relationship of patient and practitioner there is a partnership, a working together to achieve the goals of the patient.  This connection may be the smallest, yet greatest, of all the communities that are made.

The clients, students, and patients that make up AW’s community continue to say the same thing; they feel safe, cared for, welcomed, listened to, understood & a part of. I watch as our yoga students create friendships. They hang out after class having conversations and making connections.  Our clients find that this is a place where they start awakening to the fullest possibilities of their lives.

We all are different; yet one thing unifies us, our desire to be happy, to live joyously, and to be free from suffering.  At Awaken Wellness we provide that.

Happy Summer. Until next season,

Be Well.    Jennifer Stukey