What are the correspondences associated with the Summer in Chinese medicine?

Summer is the time of warmth and light. The sun moves high in the sky and the temperature rises.  The warmth provides fullness in the blossoms of the flowers.  Life comes to maturation.  Partnership is often enjoyed in outdoor activities.  This is the most expansive time of year 

 Color: Red

 Sense Organ: Tongue

 Emotion: Joy

Officials: Heart and Small Intestine; Pericardium and Triple Heater         

The gifts of Summer are: Warmth, compassion, partnership, joy, enthusiasm, love, excitement, fun, beauty, passion, maturation, laughter, playfulness and happiness.

                The  3 months of summer are called prospering and developing flower.  The qi of Heaven and Earth intertwine, the 10,00 beings flower and bring forth fruit.

             At night, one goes to bed, at dawn one gets up.  One does not let oneself be overcome by the sun, exerting the will, but without violence, assisting the brilliance of beauty and strength which thus fulfill their promise.  One must assist the flow of qi which likes to go to the exterior.                                                  

           This corresponds with the Summer qi.  It is the way that maintains the growth of life.

~ Neijing Suwen Ch.2,  The Way Of Heaven by Claude Larre SJ