The Cobra Pose

Inspired by Alison Hartman’s book Hatha Yoga and The Five Elements


Lie on your belly with your legs straight and extended.  Lift your right leg and stretch it straight back behind you pointing your toes then place it back on the ground.  Now do the same with your left leg.  Bring your feet together with the toes pointed, tops of your feet on the floor ; rest your forehead on the floor.  Place your palms firmly on the floor, hands under you shoulders, elbows in toward your side body.  On an inhalation press the tops of your feet, your thighs,  and your pubic bone into the floor as you raise the head, neck, and chest. Imagine there is a string attached to your spine between your shoulder blades that is lifting your upper body off the ground.  Keep your navel and hips on the ground; elbows remain bent and close to the side body.  Hold the pose and breath normally.  As you exhale, slowly return to the floor.

The ascending movement of Bhujagansana represents the rising movement of fire.  By stimulating the pelvic region the posture brings a fresh blood supply to this area.  The chest is lifted allowing the heart to be fully opened and expanded.  By opening these areas the spirit of the Fire element, warmth and joy, can flow freely.                                                   


Strengthens the spine                 

Stretches chest and lungs, shoulders, and abdomen          

Firms the buttocks                  

Stimulates abdominal organs          

Helps relieve stress and fatigue   

Opens the heart and lungs        

Soothes sciatica                   

Therapeutic for asthma


Back injury                                    

Carpal tunnel syndrome