I am seriously addicted to bike riding.

As I go on a leisurely ride, I have a small idea on why dogs enjoy sticking their heads out of car windows. I can smell ten different things at once, and I only have a second to process them until the next ten smells. I can see everything all at once, and it’s at the perfect speed. It’s slower than being in a car, but faster than being on foot. I can hear the cicadas, the crickets, and the birds around me, making familiar sounds.

There is this one road in particular that I enjoy riding down. It’s a quiet two-lane road, full of small houses, open spaces, and an abundance of wildlife. When I ride down it, I suddenly feel free. Free of worrying about getting run over by speeding cars, free of judgment. I am completely aware of myself and everything around me. I’ve been down this road several times. I know what to expect.

A couple days ago, I felt like I needed to change. Instead of riding my bike, I decided to go on a long walk. I went down the quiet two-lane road that I have biked down several times before, and I was amazed at how different everything seemed.

After walking for ten minutes, I noticed a small stream in the middle of a forest crossing the road. When I looked in front of me, the sun gave off this dusty haze, like something I’ve seen in a movie. It made the road seem a lot longer than it actually is… or maybe it really is long, but I’ve never noticed it before? I saw a small dog running back and forth, barking at me from a distance. On another corner, there were chickens. Also, I was suddenly concerned of my safety. There was no sidewalk on this road, and I was constantly checking behind me to make sure cars were beyond reach.

This is the same road. I know how it begins, and how it ends. Now, because I decided to walk instead of ride my bike, I am aware of everything in between.

This narrative may seem very insignificant in hindsight. It’s just a stroll on a nice day… What of it? Contrary to what you are probably thinking, there is actually a point to this.

Perspective. There are several ways I, or you, or they, can see something, no matter the judgment. And who are we to say what is right or wrong? Just because I noticed several things when I walked down the road, does that mean that I should never ride my bike again? Absolutely not! In fact, the next time I ride my bike down that road, I believe that I will be even more aware of my surroundings, forever changing my view on what I thought I already knew.

Try it for yourself! Think of three things that you can do a little bit differently today than you did yesterday. Even something small, such as changing your morning routine, taking a different route to work, or sitting outside for lunch. I guarantee that you will notice something that you would not have noticed before. And who knows; perhaps bringing a new perspective will bring more opportunities for you. You’ll never know until you actually do it. So… what are you waiting for?

On my walk back home, I decided to change things up even more… I ran!