What are the correspondences associated with the Autumn in Chinese Medicine?

In the Autumn nature’s energy moves inward and downward.  The trees sap draws into the truck and descends and thus the leaves fall.  This necessary decline allows the nutrients and mineral to return to the soil.  Without the autumn there could be no spring.

Autumn corresponds to the Metal element in the Five Phase theory of acupuncture.  The preciousness of metal, like gold and silver, symbolizes our innate value, dignity, and integrity.

Color: White

Sense: To Smell

Emotion: Sense of Awe

Organ Systems: Lungs, Large Intestine

The three months of Autumn are called plentiful and balancing.  The Chi of heaven becomes pressing, the chi of earth is resplendent. ~Neijing Suwen Ch 2 translated by Claude Laree~