Each autumn I pose the question of cleaning out your environment. I invite you to get rid of old clothes and items that haven’t been used in months or years.  I tell you to go through your attic, basement, and sheds and let go of what you no longer need or use.  Two years ago I had a direct experience helping a couple go through boxes and boxes of old items as they prepared to move.  We found items that had been packed for 20+ years.  I watched as the couple agonized over letting go of sentimental items that they hadn’t seen, used or even known they had in over a decade.  I invited them to look over each box carefully and pick out the items that they would display or use.  This way they were keeping an item that meant something to them but could also be enjoyed. As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine it is easy for me to look back at this experience and see where this couple may have an imbalance energetically.  In their inability to let go they were struggling and suffering. This created back pain, anxiety and insomnia.

When treating patients, I look to see how they respond to the energetic of each season. If there is a hiccup around one area this may be a place of tending to create more ease in the patients life. Autumn is the time of letting go.  When looking at nature we see the trees let go of their leaves and draw the sap inward. This is to prepare for the winter and to assure that there will be blooms in the spring.  If the trees never let go of their leaves then there would be no new possibilities in the springtime, no space for new growth.                                              

 During this process of helping this couple clean out the Olympics was going on.  I began to think about China and the amount of people living there and the amount of space they have to dwell in.  It is amazing to me that a family could be living with their parents and grandparent in one home.  They don’t have room to keep stuff.  There are no basements filled with unused items, or closets filled with old clothes.  They seem to be okay with this. No one is dying from a lack of stuff!

As our society becomes more conscious of the effects we have on the environment new questions of where to get rid of these items arise.  I have included a link to Women’s Health Magazine on 22 ways to get rid of unwanted items.  Some you can even get cash for!!  Visit: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/recycle-your-castoffs