What are the correspondences associated with the winter in Chinese medicine?


The days are short. Creatures hibernate.  This is the time of rest, regeneration, and stillness.  Winter is akin to the bulb in the ground, gathering resources, vibrating with potential, nurturing the seed of possibility that will bloom in the spring.  In the winter, in contrast to nature’s plan, our holidays appear which bring with them a frenzy of activity.  The December Solstice, an ancient winter celebration, symbolizes the return of the light as the hours of the day begin to increase after December 21st.  Perhaps this could be a year to scale back, simplify, regenerate with your friends and family, rather than deplete.  Spring and summer may show up very differently when we use our resources wisely during the winter.


Color: blue

Sense: to listen

Emotion: fear

Officials: Bladder and Kidneys

The gifts of Water: wisdom, stillness, flow, patience, potential, listening, mystery, reflection, unknowing, power, courage, will, cleverness, skill, reassurance.

The three months of winter are called the period of closing and storing. Water freezes and the Earth cracks open.  People should retire early and rise late and they should wait for the rising of the sun.  They should suppress and conceal their wishes, as though they had no internal purpose, as though they had been fulfilled.  People should try to escape the cold, and they should seek warmth, they should not perspire upon the skin, they should let themselves be deprived of breath of the cold.                      ~ Neijing Suwen Ch.2,  The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of  Internal Medicine