There are so many reasons to start a yoga practice and so many reasons that may interfere with establishing one. I often tell my students, ”This is your practice”. Making a yoga practice your own will help keep those interferences at bay. Getting started may be the hardest part, so find the things that make it easier for you. Make a date with a friend so that you know someone is counting on you being there, or try a class that matches your energy level at that time. It is also important to find the right teacher for you. There are many different styles of yoga and all teachers bring their own personality and teaching style to the class.

Going to a weekly class will help get your practice off to the right start. For beginner students it is so important to be safe and maintain correct posture in your poses. You will have the safety and knowledge of your teacher’s eye to help you in each pose, but you will also be setting the foundation and the beginning of your yoga practice off with the right start. To help keep you flowing you will also find inspiration in a positive environment filled with the energy of the class. I often hear my own teacher’s voice in my head throughout the week in daily life, off the mat and in that part of life where you will soon notice yoga slipping in and slowing you down in your steps to breathe.Students often ask after completing a level one class, “Now what? Should I stay or move on?” Do what feels right for you but remember not to judge yourself by comparing yourself to others. You will be doing yourself a favor by moving at a slow pace and remaining at a level one class. By making your practice your own, each time you do a pose you are doing it for the first time. Every Triangle pose is different from the one before. When standing still in a moving river you are never standing in the same place.

Leah started her journey with yoga when she was 18 with a speech for her college speech class on Yoga and Yoga breathing. In October of 2003 she completed her 200 hour teacher training at The Columbia Yoga Center, in 2005 completed her certification for the Radiant Child Yoga Teacher Training and in 2007 completed a certification at Tranquil Space Yoga for prenatal, postnatal, and baby and me yoga.   Leah blends her knowledge in to all classes as she teaches students of all ages and at all levels.