What are the correspondences associated with the spring in Chinese medicine?

Spring is the surge of vitality, the irrepressible rising.  It is birth and rapid growth.  Crocuses and daffodils push through the still firm ground, drawn toward the heat and light of the sun.  We are reminded that we can always start fresh; find a new way, re-establish hope.  This is a time of rapid change, reminding us to be bold and decisive.

Color: Green
Sense: To see
Emotion: Anger
Officials: Liver and Gallbladder

The gifts of spring are: flexibility, adaptability, clarity, decision making, planning, decisiveness, forgiveness, creativity, new possibilities, purpose, strategizing, hope, benevolence.

The three months of spring are called springing up and unfolding.  Heaven and earth together produce life and the 10,000 beings are invigorated.                            
At night, one goes to bed, at dawn, one gets up.                                                                    
One paces in the courtyard with great strides, hair loose, body at ease, exerting the will for life.  Letting live, not killing; giving, not taking away; rewarding, not punishing.

~ Neijing Suwen Ch.2,  The Way Of Heaven by Claude Larre SJ