Extended Lateral Flank Stretch

Utthita Parsvakonasana

Begin Mountain Pose, conscious standing,  focus on the grounding through your feet.  Allow your self to be guided inward to your breath and let the breath deepen.

 Bring your hands to the center of your chest and then step your feet out wide.  Look down at your ankles and make sure they are under your wrists.

Turn your right foot out to 90° and take your left heel out a quarter turn. By turning the back heel out you are protecting your inner groin on the left back leg from strain or from being pulled as you move into the pose. Aline the feet so that the right heel intersects the arch of the left foot.

Inhale and as you exhale bend you right knee over the ankle.  Make sure the knee is pointed in the direction of the toes.  Draw your knee hip and sitting bone in line with each other.

Inhale and as you exhale come down to place your right hand on the little toes side of your right foot. If you don’t reach the floor place you hand on a block or telephone book to give you some more height under your hand.

Focus on the back left leg and reach down through the little toe side of your left foot.  Lift the inner thigh on the left leg, breathe.  Allow there to be even weight in the front and back legs.  Extend the arm up along side the ear.  Stay for 3-5 breaths.

To come up, press down strongly with your feel as you reach you top arm up and come up to standing.

Repeat on the other side.