When I think of summer, I think of long days, no school, and vacation.  Last summer I spent a week with my family in Acadia, Maine.  We stayed in a beautiful home, overlooking the Somes Sound.  Each morning I’d slip out to the 2nd story deck with my yoga mat to practice.  With the sun reflecting off the water and the scent of fresh pine filling my lungs,  I flowed through Sun Salutations.  I held such gratitude for the peace and beauty that embraced me.   Taking yoga with me on vacation gave me a fresh perspective; allowed me to see a pose in a new light, and see myself in a slightly different way.

Even when I stay put, my yoga mat offers many paths for travel, free of charge no less! When I am open to possibilities, a subtle shift in awareness can transform the ordinary into the truly wondrous and take me places I’ve never been. 

So whether you travel far from home or never leave town this summer, may your yoga practice ground and support you.  May you always have your practice to come home to and may it lead you to new and inspiring places.


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