Spring is the time for new beginnings.  We can see it all around us as the fresh green comes back to nature, the tulips and daffodils burst from their bulbs, and the buds on the trees unfold their new leafs. 

In humans we often hunger to be outside longing for the warm sunny days.  Most are ready to shed our coats and our toe cramped shoes.

During the beginning days of spring why not try something new?  What have you been longing to do all winter or all your life? 

 Are your ready to paint that picture or climb that mountain?  What possibilities do you see for yourself? What is holding you back?

During the spring season you have the seasonal energy on your side to move forward with your vision.  Be creative.  Research what it will take to achieve your goal.  Plan how you can make your dreams come true.

Make a list of all the things that you want to accomplish or do in your life time.  Then start with one of those dreams and make it come true.