Chair pose
utkata = powerful, fierce

Begin in Mountain Pose, conscious standing,  focus on the grounding through your feet.  Allow yourself to be guided inward to your breath and let the breath deepen.

Stretch the arms straight over the head so that the upper arms are in line with the ears and the palms face each other.

Exhale, bend your knees and lower down until the thighs are parallel to the floor.

Keep the trunk up right, lift the chest and stretch up through the arms. Breathe normally.

The more you stretch the arms up the more you can bend the knees and let the hips sink down.

Feel the powerful muscular energy of the quads and shoulders.  Thee opposite action of the arms lifting up and the hips sinking down will elongate the spine and tone the muscle of the spine.

This pose helps with stiffness in the shoulders, strengthens the ankles and legs.  The diaphragm becomes lifted and gives the heart a gentle massage.  The back is toned, the abdominal organs tone, and the chest expands.

With the strong muscular energy, uprightness and powerful feeling that this pose creates, it is a perfect example of the energies of the Spring.