Happy Autumn!  At this time in the season, where nature is letting go of its fullness, I felt it was the appropriate time to announce the letting go of our printed newsletters.  I have been writing and mailing a seasonal newsletter since I was in the acupuncture clinic in 2004.  Now in 2011, we have chosen to go green.  Our newsletter will now be provided through our e-newsletter and archived on our website.  If you are not already receiving our        e-newsletters make sure to sign up through our website.  

When Awaken Wellness first opened I had this naïve idea that one day I would get everything accomplished and then the business would be complete and running on its own.  Six months into it I realized that was not the case!  This was a hard reality for me to face.  I had always been one to complete my work at the end of the day and start a new project or new day fresh.  In the letting go of this idea I came to realize that a business is a living organism. Just as a tree has its cycle of seasons, at the end of our 2nd year, I now see that so does a business. 

Over the last year I have let go of teaching yoga at the center to be able to focus on refining my skills as a business owner and as an acupuncturist.  The center has had practitioners, yoga teachers, and administrative assistants who have let go of their practices here.  Many have moved into awesome possibility.  In their letting go, they move forward into the next step in their journey.  I acknowledge all of them for their work and the way they have touched our community. 

These transitions have opened new doors for us to bring in new teachers, build current practitioners practices and refine who we are as a center. This fall we let go of the old paradigm of yoga sessions and begin offering flexible yoga passes to our students, refining our center with the intention of exceeding your expectations.

In the letting go, there is space created.  Often, we hold on to the same old thing or fear change simply because it isn’t what we know.  It takes something to move into a new place, to step into the unpredictable. It takes courage.  What is it your willing to let go of to create space for the unpredictable in your life? 


Until next season, Be Well.

Your Partner in Wellness,   

Jennifer Stukey



As owner of Awaken Wellness,

Jennifer holds a Master of

Acupuncture degree and a 660 hour

Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate

from the Tai Sophia Institute. She is

a Nationally Board Certified

Acupuncturist and a Registered Yoga

Teacher.  Jennifer’s Chinese Medicine practice focuses on Women’s Health. Her dedication is to helping women live a life of joy and ease.