Reflexology is the application of pressure to reflex points located on the hands and feet.  These reflex points relate to specific organs, glands, and body parts. By stimulating them with pressure; holding, finger pressure, kneading, rotation, and rubbing, it promotes natural function and health to the specific areas of the body.

Reflexology promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, reduces stress and encourages overall healing.  The following are some conditions that can benefit from reflexology: Headaches, Back pain, Digestive troubles, Depression, Muscle tension, PMS and Anxiety

            When the body is functioning naturally it is in equilibrium which in turn allows for healing physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Jen specializes in deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, Reiki, reflexology and sports massage.  She enjoys working with athletes in order to help them minimize risk of injury, improve performance, and help relieve chronic pain. She also works with those that just need to relax from everyday stress and/or activity.  Besides being a massage therapist Jen is also a ACSM certified personal trainer that focuses on functional movement and body mechanics, has been a technician in phyical therapy clinics, is  active in triathlons, distance running, Brazilian Jiujitsu, and boxing

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