I love the fall season, the beautiful color of the leaves, the difference in the light, it’s cooler,  and crisper. Growing up, fall was the beginning of a new school year, new friends, new teachers, and new classes.  Fall still feels to me like the season when things start afresh.

Yet for some fall can bring stress.  With the start of a new school year comes worry about schedules, about getting your kids up on time, washed, dressed and out the door. Not to mention grades, teachers and peer pressures. You daily dynamic changes and you start to feel a need to get ready for something, but for what? 

Of course, modern life, itself, not just the changing of the seasons, causes stress.  The pace is fast and getting faster.  We have to find room for both jobs and home life. Sometimes we have to choose one at the expense of the other. 

Stress can appear as headaches from out of nowhere, the cramp in your stomach, the twinge of low back pain, the fatigue that no energy drink can erase: the lying awake with worries and thoughts circling over head.

It’s a medical fact that over time with repeated episodes of unhealthy stress responses our bodies learn to react faster and faster to the stress.  Our adrenaline level rises faster so now when our blood pressure and pulse rise with the stressful situation they might stay that way longer. Our immune system steps in and tries to right the situation and becomes weaker with each episode.  We become less able to relax which can trigger mental and physical problems over time.

The good news is that medical science has shown that it is not the stress that makes us ill; it’s the way we handle it.  

So, what can you do?

Acupuncture offers  a proven way to control stress and neutralize its affect on your health.  It helps your body handle stress better, even eliminate its more debilitating effects. It naturally stimulates the body to shut off the flight or fight and go into deep relaxation.  Over a course of treatment you and your body learn a new pattern that allows you to not have these side effects of stress mentioned above.

As acupuncturists we see the whole person, and not just individual symptoms.  A patient – I’ll call her Martha — came to my office complaining of anxiety. She had been experiencing severe headaches and just couldn’t relax. Her work had become very demanding because of the economy and she had started to spend much of her non-work time worrying that she might lose her job. As a result, she was not sleeping well and was depressed.  Martha’s stress was affecting all facets of her life. 

She agreed to treatment and, during our sessions I was able to assess her condition and treat her by the insertion of tiny acupuncture needles at different sites on her body.      Along with the acupuncture treatments, I suggested some dietary modifications and a simple exercise regimen of walking daily outside to help her mood.

She said that she felt better, and was more able to relax, even after the first treatment. And her responses over the eight weeks we worked together became more and more positive. Gradually her pain and the frequency of it became less and less.  She found that she could look at her situation more positively. As her stress and worry decreased, she was able to start getting more rest and relaxation.

Acupuncture is  a proven way that has helped thousands of people control stress and minimize,  even eliminate, its debilitating effects.

How is your stress level?  Consider acupuncture as a way to alleviate your stress and its physical manifestations.  Come in to the office for a confidential free consultation to see what acupuncture can do for you.

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Stephanie is an R.N., licensed and nationally certified Acupuncturist,

& Chinese herbalist.  Stephanie beautifully blends her knowledge of western and eastern medicine into each treatment. She has successfully worked with patients suffering from a variety of ailments and conditions. Her passion and specialty is working with patients who are experiencing pain. Her commitment to her patients is to being their guide through the healing process.