Here are some wonderful acupuncture points that can help with the discomfort of stress to headaches. You can easily rub these points on yourself, or better yet, on a loved one.

1)     Yintang – Many people know this point as “The Third Eye”. It is located on your forehead, level with your eyebrows and directly up from your nose. I love this point to help alleviate headache pain, relieve sinus congestion, and to calm an anxious and agitated spirit. Breathe deeply and feel the release.

2)     Joining of the Valleys – This point on the back of your hands, between your thumb and pointer finger. Using your opposite thumb, rub the middle of that meaty area looking for a tender spot. This point is great for frontal headaches and clearing nasal congestion. Believe it or not, this point also helps to rid you of your cold! Ahhhhhhh……. Note: this point is contraindicated during pregnancy.

3)     Supreme Rushing – One of my favorite points to help with insomnia, clear headache pain of all kinds, and to calm an angry person. Place your pointer finger on the top of your foot, where the bones of your first and second toes join. Slide the finger down no more than an inch to where you’ll feel a depression, which (like the other two points) may be a bit sore. Just relax and take it all in.

4)    Wind Pond – This is a great point to relieve headache pain, muscle tension in the neck, and even improve your mental clarity. Reach your thumbs around the back of your neck, where your upper spine connects with your head. Then move your thumbs about 1-2 inches to either side, right along that line where the neck meets the head. You’ll probably feel a point that is tender. Simply take a deep breath and press gently. 

5)  Welcome Fragrance – There is much to smell during this time of year! This point not only helps with your sense of smell, it also can open nasal passages and helps you to relax by breathing better and more deeply. You will find it above your upper lip, level with and just on the outside of your nostrils. You never knew that you could smell so much!

Kevin Turner M.Ac., L.Ac, Dipl.Ac., Shiatsu Practitioner


While I specialize in treating headaches, back pain, and depression, my experience includes sports injuries, sciatica, fibromyalgia, and joint pain. I have treated hundreds of patients recovering from addictions, and have worked with clients suffering from Post Traumatic Stress at Walter Reed Hospital. I also have extensive experience working with pregnant women, treating morning sickness, inducing labor, and helping with postpartum recovery.

For ten years, I have been a certified Zen Shiatsu massage therapist and practice Chi Kung meditation.

By treating you on multiple energetic levels, I am able to completely address your individual concerns and offer you more effective and efficient treatments.

My ten years of experience in Oriental Medicine has given me a humble perspective on healing. If you wish to receive acupuncture for tennis elbow, and only tennis elbow, I can help you with that. If you would like acupuncture to help you awaken to life newly I can assist you with that, too. Regardless which of the two categories you are, my commitment to you remains the same: To empower you through listening, spoken words, therapeutic touch and acupuncture, to feel better and live better.