Western medicine is great at treating bacteria with antibiotics.   Unfortunately, they don’t have the medicine to treat viruses like the cold and flu. 

The good news is that Chinese herbal medicine does have the ability to treat viruses and also to help prevent them. When we become sick, Chinese medicine see it as an invasion from the exterior that causes the body to become ill. By using the proper Chinese herbs you body is able to expel the pathogen from the body.  

To have these formulas work effectively, they should be taken at the first sign of illness. This means you need access to them when the cold or flu first begins.

To make sure you stay well, I have prepared packages of herbal formulas for you to have on hand.  Each herbal formula includes extensive directions indicating the correct formula to take depending on your symptoms. 

The Cold and Flu herbal formula packages have been flying off the shelf. I am getting great feedback from my patients that they have been able to stop cold and flu symptoms in their tracks. If you are a current patient ask me about the package at you next visit, so you can stop your cold and flu symptoms in their tracks.