If you fall and scrape your knee as a child, the loving touch of your mom can quickly alleviate or heal whatever pain you are feeling. When you are feeling depressed, a loved one’s hug can quickly change your mood and increase your happiness and energy.

Both of these examples illustrate how quickly our feelings and energy can change when loving intention and attention is given to us.

Reiki is a concentrated stream of loving intention and attention.

Reiki practitioners care deeply about the well being of their clients, and want to see them heal in all areas of their life. Reiki practitioners know that mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing can happen, because it has happened for them.

I encourage you to take the time to learn more about and experience Reiki. I invite you to be cared for and nurtured in ways you have not received when you needed it in the past.

I am also happy to be your guide with any questions or concerns you may have along your Reiki and life journey. I look forward to the healing and fun that will occur for all of us.

Reiki, Love, and Blessings to you as you continue on your day.

Laura is a Reiki Master. She is excited to offer you the healing benefits of Reiki in a safe, loving space. As someone who has had personal experience with anxiety and depression Reiki helped her experience peace, happiness, and balance. On a physical level she and her clients have receiving relief from earaches, acne, addictions, relationship issues, job stress, insomnia, overeating, muscle pain, PMS, lack of energy, joint pain, and allergies. Laura looks forward to meeting you and sharing your healing journey.