Chinese Herbal medicine dates back 5,000 years and was used as China’s main form of medicine long before acupuncture became popular. Here in the west we adapted acupuncture first and are just beginning to learn about and use Chinese herbal medicine.

Chinese herbal medicine is a poly-pharmacy, meaning that multiple herbs are used together within a formula. Six to twenty-four herbs could be combined in one formula as compared to western herbal medicine which herbs are often used singularly. The beauty of the medicine is the art of combining herbs and their synergistic effect on each other. The herbs work to enhance their medicinal properties or counteract any property that may not suit the patient.

For example, cinnamon or Gui Zhi, is a warm herb that is used for many medicinal purposes including blood circulation. If a patients nature is warm but the medicinal property of increasing blood circulation is the desired outcome a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine could balance the formula by adding in a cooling herb and still be able to use the cinnamon without fear of making the patient too warm.

Chinese herbal medicine can be used alone or in conjunction with acupuncture. Patients report that using herbs with acupuncture had them achieving their desired health goals quicker and more fully. As we move into the spring when allergies, headaches, skin rashes, and irritability or depression show up, know that Chinese herbal medicine can assist your body with being in balance and alleviate these symptoms.