A study was preformed to assess the power of visualization’s affect on sports performance.  There were three groups and each group was assigned the task of shooting a basketball into a hoop.  Everyone’s ability was measured initially.  The first group shot baskets on a regular schedule.  The second group practiced shooting while visualizing each shot as successful and with as much detail as possible.  Finally, the third group simply visualized a successful shot.

The outcome was as follows; the second group improved the most when they combined actual shooting practice and visualization, the third group followed up second, and the first group finished last.  This study reveals that our minds don’t differentiate what we do and see, from what we imagine or visualize.  In this way we can manifest almost anything into our lives that we dream of.

You can use the skill of visualization to achieve your dreams.  Here’s how.  Take an index card and begin by writing down short phrases that sum up your short-term and long-term goals for this year.  For example your card may read 1) a healthy marriage, 2) dept-free 3) eco-friendly house, etc.  Then review your card daily.  When you wake in the morning, when standing in line, at a traffic stop, or whenever you have a few seconds of focused attention, take out the card and as you read it visualize.  Allow the skill of visualization to help you achieve your dreams!