Twists are a great way to shake off any lethargy left over from the winter and rejuvenate body and mind. They benefit your internal organs by squeezing out toxins and flushing your system with fresh blood and oxygen. Twists also help align your spine, and can help focus your mind.

Sitting in an armless chair, turn sideways with your right hip next to the seat back. Make sure both feet are planted flat on the floor, hip-width apart, and that your spine is tall and straight. Take a deep breath in and feel the crown of your head lifting up. As you exhale, start to bring your left ribs toward the back of the chair. Bring your hands to the back of the chair about waist-height. You can gently turn your head to look over your right shoulder with your chin level (if you have any issues with your neck, just keep your chin over your heart). Hold for three to five breaths, and on an inhalation, gently release. Repeat to the other side.

A Howard County native, Melissa Lindon is a longtime yoga practitioner and professional musician. She divides her time teaching yoga & teaching & performing as a flutist. Melissa brings inspiration to her yoga teaching from the rich traditions of Anusara, Para Yoga, Svaroopa, and Kripalu styles of yoga. Her style is compassionate and light-hearted.