In the past I have written about Spring time as a time of doing, moving forward, making a plan, jumping into life.  After my recent trip to a remote island in Panama where I learned to surf and taught yoga every day, I began to contemplate that maybe spring time is actually quite the opposite and that it is about allowing, letting yourself be guided by the already raising energy, not forcing or trying to make it happen, but trusting that from the stillness of winter there is a new beginning, there are new possibilities and all I have to do is show up for them.

I am present to Spring time as a time to create space for new opportunities to spontaneously arise, without effort, by simply being awake to them.  Letting the power of the Spring time energy let me be able to see what is next, not by tirelessly searching but being fully present and aware of what is already there as the new beginning-seeing life as new.

As Americans we are fantastic at doing.  I trust that you all are very practiced at doing and doing and doing even more, as I know that I am. I am finding in my life that it is an illusion that doing more creates a better outcome.   I also understand that this way of looking at life is a shift in most of our perspectives.

For example, are you thinking about changing jobs?  Maybe the question really is, what opportunity is available to you with the job you already have? What if new possibilities arise when we stop searching?

On the island, we met a gentleman named Bob in his 60’s who has been surfing all his life.  He comes to the camp for a month every year, does repairs as well as teaches surfing.  One day, Brian, my husband and  CFO, asked him if he needed any help with the task he was working on. Bob’s response was: “I don’t multitask anymore, I single task.” Brian followed up with “So you have downgraded!” Bob replied “…or maybe upgraded”.

In learning to surf, the wave makes it happen. I show up, lean back and let the uprising energy take me.  Now it takes practice to time it just right, learn how to balance, when to stand up, how to fall, etc. But the more I try to do surfing, think about how to surf, or force myself to balance the more I wipe out. It doesn’t go my way, I am frustrated, scared, angry, and want to give up.  When I choose to not think, observe the wave, visualize myself riding the wave, and let the wave take me -not me trying to take it – it lifts me up and brings me all the way to shore.

Let the uprising energy that creates possibilities during the spring season guide you, use your eyes to see what is already possible and let it happen without force, doing or grasping.

Until next season, Be Well.

Your Partner in Wellness,

Jennifer Stukey

As owner of Awaken Wellness, Jennifer holds a Master of acupuncture degree and a 660 hour Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate from the Tai Sophia Institute. She is a Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist and a Registered Yoga Teacher.  Jennifer’s Chinese Medicine practice  focuses on Women’s Health. Her dedication is to helping women live a life of joy and ease.