I went to my first yoga class when I was a college freshman in communist .  At this time Yoga classes of any kind were extremely rare.

I instantly fell in love with yoga. I could sense from the very first session that yoga had more to offer than just physical exercise, and that it could become a powerful tool for personal transformation.  As I left the first class, I felt like weights had been removed from my body — there was a sense of physical freedom.  I was an active athlete so exercising wasn’t new  to me, but this feeling of physical freedom I experienced in yoga was a new sensation.   I felt not only taller after each yoga class but I felt like a new and better person.

As I continued to study yoga and later became a yoga teacher, I realized that there was even more to treasure from a yoga practice.  The benefits of cultivating self-discipline while practicing yoga on the mat have transferred to life off the mat.  I noticed that as I learned greater focus in my practice, my focus also improved at school and at work.  Yoga has been an amazing tool for me, a pathway that has helped me to create vibrant health and be grateful for my body and treat it with respect, mindfulness and gratitude.

My mission as a yoga teacher has been to help people feel better about themselves.  Over the past 29 years of teaching yoga, I have found that the no matter how difficult the yoga pose that I am teaching might be, I know that it is what people truly feel and experience in my presence that either ignites their desire to live a fulfilling life or not.  If I can use yoga as a tool to help someone come to a place in their lives where they realize life is worth living and that they can find their own personal meaning and purpose, I feel that my mission as a yoga teacher has been accomplished.

Olga has taught yoga for 26 years. She is a Yoga Alliance USA registered yoga teacher and holds a Doctorate in Education from Tomas Garrigue Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. Her classes focus on posture and movement, highlighting proper alignment techniques and breathing. Her teaching emphasizes empowerment and joy, imbued with a sense of creativity, freedom, humor and fun.