The summer time is about joy, warmth, maturity, and partnership. This season I explore partnership and propose the question of partnership with dis-ease. Often we think of partnership or lack of partnership in our relationships with each other. What if we took partnership in our lives to another level and chose to partner with our dis-eases, illnesses, and/or discomforts?  This is quite the opposite of what we hear; “I am fighting my disease.”  Would our experience be different if we partnered with our bodies, and gave up the opposition? Would it create more ease? Energy? Relaxation?

Don’t get me wrong.  Partnering with your illness doesn’t mean that you are submitting to it or giving up in any means.  Taking on the practice of partnering could empower you in the face of your illness.

This past year I have had many opportunities to be in partnership with my body. I experienced all the symptoms of Lyme’s disease, while having inconclusive tests results.  I got the flu and was confined to my home for 7 days.  Lastly, in April I was hospitalized for 4 days with Salmonella, food poisoning and spent several weeks at home having my friends and family take care of me.

As the owner of Awaken Wellness these experiences lead me to many areas of partnership.  First and foremost my partnership with my husband, Brian, and our CFO, who made sure that all my roles at the business were taken care of throughout these bouts of dis-eases. If not for him AW wouldn’t have remained opened and running.  Second, my family, even as an adult I still needed my mom’s chicken soup! My colleagues, who stepped up to take care of my patients and me. I am so blessed to be surrounded by a community of healers overflowing with knowledge.

And finally there was my role in choosing to partner with my body just how it was and just how it wasn’t.  I could have fought my body, been angry that I wasn’t well or I could choose to accept my body in each of these states of dis-ease and allow the healing to begin.  It was a practice each day and sometimes each moment.

I recently learned from a mentor of mine, as she had hip surgery, just how important joy and positivity are, especially in the face of illness. She was light-hearted and creative in the process of her surgery and recovery.  She created silly names for her walker and cane and even her titanium hip. She prepared for the surgery with yoga and meditation among other practices. The results were that her recovery was quicker than most, and she was back in the game of life much sooner than doctors expected.

The practice of partnering with our bodies in whatever state our body is in can start with simply saying to ourselves each morning “I feel terrific!” The power of words and positive thinking can make the difference in the dis-ease that you may be experiencing. Creating the possibility of feeling, “terrific” could be the beginning of opening up a whole new relationship with your body.

Until next season, Be Well.

Your Partner in Wellness,

Jennifer Stukey


As owner of Awaken Wellness, Jennifer holds a Master of Acupuncture degree and a 660 hour Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate from the Tai Sophia Institute. She is a Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist and a Registered Yoga Teacher.  Jennifer’s Chinese Medicine practice focuses on Women’s Health. Her dedication is to helping women live a life of joy and ease.