“Conception, pregnancy, and birth are holistic events involving mind, body & spirit. It is in our beginnings and endings that life is most profound. How we conceive and how we birth will change life on this planet.” ~ Clair Marie Miller Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage

Conception is more than just the fertilization of an ovum. It is a delicate process that requires balance.

For some, balance is easily achieved, and not even a consideration really. However, others have found that this balance may have been disrupted and special attention needs to be paid in order to restore harmony. Not only does this balance need to be restored within the body, but in many cases, emotionally and spiritually as well.

The issues of infertility are vast and it takes on special meaning for each individual. What is common for most is the emotional roller-coaster of trying and trying and not being able to conceive. Often there can be feelings of guilt, denial, frustration and even fear.

These feelings, although very normal, can be counterproductive to your goal of starting or adding to your family.   Ultimately it is the practice of letting go that may very well see you through.  Letting go and being able to bring in an energy that is conducive to healing invites what my teacher called the “baby-spirit” into your life.

Sometimes we are so hyper focused on the goal of conception and pregnancy that we lose focus as to why we are trying in the first place. Remember that your partner is also part of this process and although you may be struggling through this time, cherish the ones you currently have in your life. Create an environment that the baby-spirit will want to be drawn into.  Kiss a lot, dance together, laugh and bring an abundance of joy into your lives.

Fertility Massage is a perfect tool to use in this endeavor. It is based on the techniques of cleansing, breaking up congestion, education about fertility awareness, balancing and opening up the energy both physical and spiritual. This is truly a holistic approach to support the conception of a spirit into a body.

As a graduate of the Baltimore School of Massage, Ondine has studied Swedish massage, Sports massage, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Prenatal massage, Reflexology Nurturing the Mother Fertility Massage™ and Trigger Point therapies.  She provides massage therapy that not only decreases muscle tension and pain, but also results in better emotional balance and general well-being.

Ondine’s  flexible schedule allows for massage appointments evenings and Saturdays