As a business owner I often hear others in business talking about those who are in the same area of business as them as competition. When engaging in a conversation of competition there is an implied context of scarcity, or a lack of something that we have to compete for. Now, this is not to say that understanding who in the community is offering the same services isn’t important. Dell, Apple and Toshiba all want to know what the other is doing.

How does this apply to the wellness business? Exactly who is the winner of the supposed contest? Who can heal the most people, teach the most yoga students, relax the most stressed out person?

What I know is the world needs what wellness offers now more than ever.

I also know that Awaken Wellness can’t do it alone. Therefore, it warms my heart to know that I have partners, other businesses, offering wellness. To know that other businesses are filled with people just as Awaken Wellness is, and that their business has a mission just like this one does. It warms my heart to know that those businesses want to create healing, wellness, joy, love, and a community for their clients just as we do.

Over the last year I have reached out to several of the wellness businesses in our area and have been graciously invited to see their spaces and have amazing conversations with passionate people out to make a difference for our community. We can work together, and create win-win situations where we support one another. In turn, we are better able to support our clients and provide healing.

Awaken Wellness may not be the place for everyone, and we don’t offer everything. We are, however, a resource for those who need other services or that are looking for other practitioners. We have partners and we stay true to our mission: Assisting our community in Awakening to the Fullest Possibilities of Life.

Until next season, Be Well.

Your Partner in Wellness,

Jennifer Stukey

As owner of Awaken Wellness, Jennifer holds a Master of Acupuncture degree and a 660 hour Chinese Herbal Medicine Certificate from the Tai Sophia Institute. She is a Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Jennifer’s Chinese Medicine practice focuses on Women’s Health. Her dedication is to helping women live a life of joy and ease.