One of the things I encourage my meditation and yoga students to do is to try doing one thing at a time.

Modern life is begging us to multitask. Not only is that inefficient, but when we finally get a moment to ourselves, our mind is still racing from the overwhelming busyness we are forced to deal with.

Warmer weather is a great opportunity to slow down and take your practice outside. Turn off your phone, leave your friends and family at home, and just walk.

Walking outside is a beautiful practice of mindfulness. Take the time to pay attention to nature unfolding and thriving around you through the colors, sounds, and smells. Notice your feet on the ground, the flow of your breath, and your mind settling down as you become more connected to your own spirit and the universe you are a part of. Enjoy it!

You might wrap up your walk with five or so long breaths in Warrior I and an easy forward fold to gently stretch out your hips, legs, and back. Have a seat on a bench or the ground and take a moment to be grateful. A cool glass of water with lemon to end your adventure is lovely!

By taking as little as ten minutes out of your week, your mind will learn that it’s okay to slow down. When you carve out time to be aware of the awesomeness of being in the present moment, meditation and yoga will come easily, you will be focused and find deeper joy in your daily life.

Flissy’s teacher training provided rigorous attention to alignment offered by the Anusara and Iyengar traditions. She has broadened her teaching to include Core Strength, Vinyasa, yin yoga, anatomy training and extensive training in meditation. Her varied background has provided the tools to design well-rounded, creative practices for her students.

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