Create an intention poster this year.  This can be an enjoyable experience for the whole family and for children of all ages.  Get out all those old magazines and catalogs. Buy some poster board, glue and any decorative items to make a poster collage.

Now think of your dreams for 2008.  Look through the magazines and catalogs and cut out pictures and phrase that represent your dreams, goals and intentions for this New Year. Create a collage from your cut outs.

Allow yourself to be creative, to have imagination, and let yourself dream.  Tap in to the child inside that once may have said “I am going to be the president when I grow up”.  Don’t hold yourself back.

Use the power of visualization.  Hang the poster somewhere you can look at it each day.  Each day take a few moments to visualize, in your minds eye, your dreams happening. See yourself as if these achievements have already happened.

Let go of the word impossible and embrace the word possibilities.  Open to the bigger word CAN instead of can’t. Let your dreams come true, dream big.  May happiness, prosperity, and love fill your new year.