Over the last few years in private practice I have observed the struggle people have with the shifts that happen in the winter. Here are some questions to think about: Is sleeping more in the winter a disease?  Is not being overly exuberant in the winter an illness? Is having less drive to be physically active in the winter pathology? Or are we living in a society that demands outward expression and production even in the time when we are to be more internally reflective, a time when everything in nature is slowing down.

I invite you this winter to be self reflective, be more introverted, and discover something new about yourself.  Take intentional time in your day to relax and breathe.  Make space to do nothing, to just be. When we hear the word clutter we most likely think of material objects in our exterior space. What about the clutter in our minds? If our minds are filled with overwhelming thoughts, worries, anger, frustration, and disappointment that clutter can only attached what is similar in vibration. So if we create space in out interior, in our minds, imagine the miraculous gifts you would open yourself up to. Take time for compassion, giving, forgiving, and gratitude.  Focus on creating emptiness, opening space for new miracles to emerge in your life.