Do not keep anything in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. – William Morris

I’ve always been fascinated with space; how it is used in a home, and also how it is accessed in a yoga practice. As I’ve gotten older I am more aware of clutter in my own home and find that when my home is in order and there is space, I also feel a sense of space and lightness in my body and mind.

What takes up space in your home, in your life, in your body, in your mind? What would happen if you let go of some of the things that take up space, even temporarily? How would it change your life, your time, your day?

Yoga and meditation give us the opportunity to slow down, be still and access the space around us and within us. When we find alignment in our poses we use our breath to help make space in our bodies.

For me, being still and noticing the space gives me a chance to see myself more clearly. It’s like when you look at the children’s book, “Where’s Waldo?” The page is so busy, every inch covered with color and drawings, finding Waldo seems downright impossible, but if you could magically remove everything but Waldo, then of course you could see him clearly because of the white space on the page.

We will find freedom and lightness in our practice and our spirit as we enjoy the space of the yoga studio and the space in our bodies. Looking at some technical aspects of trikonasana (triangle) and danurasana (bow) can help us find more space and freedom in these poses. Join me in class to learn more about these aspects.

See you on the mat!


Kim Metz
RYT 200