“The way you enter a house provides a transition from public to private realms, so it’s an incredibly important element in the design of a house.”  ~ Sarah Susanka, the not so big house.

Architect Sarah Susanka goes on to say that the entry is not just the front door, but the actual process of first seeing the house from the street, then walking up the path, receiving the house, and then finally approaching the front door, ringing the bell and being welcomed inside.  This entering process sets the stage for the interior of the house and whether you will be predisposed to like or dislike the experience once you are inside.

This way of thinking can inform our yoga poses also.  The way we enter a pose is a process and by preparing and entering well, we can make the journey a much richer experience.

How do you enter downward facing dog for example?  When there is no thought to entering and you merely lift up, how do you feel in the pose?  How is it different when you make space by first noticing your breath, and bringing awareness to the placement of  your hands and feet- having intention about where you are going before lifting the hips?

When we pay attention to the way we enter a pose there is a sense of ease and welcoming; the sense of “aah here I am, let me look around and explore this pose from the inside,” as opposed to the jarring sense of being thrown into a room.

So roll out the welcome mat and receive yourself and your poses.  Let yourself be delighted by your entry and then take a look around inside.  Welcome yourself into each pose and into your life.

We will especially focus on ardha chandrasana (half moon pose) sequencing the entry, so that we can come to it more skillfully.

See you on the mat!


Kim Metz
RYT 200

Space is the breath of art. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright