Restorative Yoga 1

When the soul lies down in the grass, the world is too full to talk about. ~ Rumi

The gift of a restorative practice allows us the opportunity to actively relax, and “be.” Restorative poses have many benefits including; reducing stress, improving circulation, improving digestion, lowering blood pressure, and helping insomnia.

And yet most of us are “too busy” to relax. We are conditioned in western culture to believe bigger is better. A bigger house, and a busier schedule must mean we are living a better life and getting ahead. We have trouble seeing the benefit in “not doing.”

This value is so engrained in us that we can get caught up in this way of thinking even in yoga. If one sun salutation is good, then many must be better. If a modified version of a pose is good, then the deeper version of the pose must be better.

Maybe, but maybe not. Restorative poses allow us to be still long enough to ask our bodies what they really need to feel supported in the moment, on any given day, instead of blindly forging ahead on automatic pilot. Being still allows us to receive the space and wisdom of our body.

Let yourself be supported by the floor and props, welcoming the space to “be” at home in your body, mind and spirit with a restorative practice.

See you on the mat!

Kim Metz RYT 200