As you read this, how is your head positioned? If you are like many of us, it may crane forward, putting more tension and stress on your upper shoulders, back and neck.

As we practice yoga, we can learn to lead with the heart and release tension from the upper back, shoulders and neck. Leading from the heart is also a helpful habit in poses like cobra where the tendency is to crank the neck and head back, causing constricting of the cervical vertebrae.

I am reminded of the following song lyrics by Sheryl Crow:

If we could only get out of our heads, out of our heads

And into our hearts…

Come receive the gifts yoga offers. Take time to pause; get out of your head and check-in with your body and yourself.

See you on the mat!


Kim  Metz, RYT 200

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart. –Buddha