Thanks for your impersonal and self-serving holiday card. It’s lovely.  

I got a kick out of reading this Opinion piece by Eric Hoover in the Washington Post on Friday.

The author is lamenting not getting any personal messages in his holiday cards- just unsigned glorified family photos.

The article got me thinking about how holiday cards relate to yoga practice.  I think of the basic form of a pose, or how it looks from the outside as an adorned family photograph on a greeting card- no message attached.  It may look nice, but there is not a deep sense of personal connection between me and the pose.

If we pause and consider the pose from a deeper place, a more interior space- the pose changes and takes on new texture and depth. It also gives us the opportunity to bring more stability and better alignment to our poses.

Author Eric Hoover says this about his experience writing holiday letters with his wife:

We don’t say anything profound, but we try to convey our affection for friends and relatives, as if we’re talking to them and nobody else. Perhaps the key to this ritual isn’t what one writes so much as deciding to spend a moment writing anything at all.

Maybe it is so in yoga practice as well.  Maybe it’s the ritual of slowing down and deciding to go deeper.  It’s like writing a letter to oneself, or dedicating one’s practice to another, or to something greater than oneself.

Whether you’re sending family photos, writing personal messages, or not sending cards at all this holiday, come to yoga practice this week and enjoy the ritual of slowing down.  “Write yourself a letter” through your poses, breath and practice.  Take time to go deep, connect and find more peace.

Just two more weeks until winter break.  Schedule “Coming to yoga class” on your calendar.  Share yoga practice in community and take time to savor it!


Kim Metz RYT 200

Letter writing is the only device for combining solitude with good company.  ~Lord Byron

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