Happy New Year everyone!A friend of mine recently sent this picture of her daughter, Emily, doing the splits in a door frame. Pretty impressive right?

The year before her daughter wasn’t even close to doing the splits. What changed? Emily decided she wanted to do the splits and started stretching a little bit each day. She made a habit of it and would stretch anywhere. (When you are 14 you can get away with that!) She didn’t make any big changes in her life. It was a small action that took just a few minutes each day and yet made a big impact in her ability to reach her goal.

I plan to keep this picture up in a prominent location in my house to remind myself that doing a little each day can make a big difference.

Some of you have expressed that you’d like to have a home practice to complement coming to class, but just don’t seem to get around to it or know how to get started. This session we will take some time to explore ways to begin or sustain a home practice (or other resolution you are working towards.)

Below are some tools and tips to help you get started:

Start small. Do a little every day or almost every day. Pick a number of minutes to start with – maybe 10.

Schedule yoga on your calendar. Write it down.

Set-up a space. Keep your yoga mat accessible and have a space where you can do yoga.

Write down why you do yoga and why you want to do yoga at home? What benefit or positive outcome do you want to see in your life through the practice?

I am happy to discuss with you how best to tailor your home practice to your specific needs and help you design a sequence that is right for you.

What leap will you take in the New Year?

See you on the mat!

Disclaimer: Although in class this week we will be opening the hips, and stretching the hamstrings, hanumanasana- the split is purely optional 🙂


Kim Metz

RYT 200 hour

A small daily task, if it be really daily, will beat the efforts of a spasmodic Hercules. – Anthony Trollope

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