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I read recently that the word selfish in Mandarin Chinese has two different meanings.  One is the definition I’m familiar with- “caring only for oneself and disregarding others.” The other definition means “self-care and nurturing ” which obviously is very different.

Many years ago my good friend commented  that my daughter seemed very “self-centered.”  He was originally from Switzerland and in context I knew he meant it as a compliment.  I’ve remembered this exchange because it got me to see the word in a new way. When the word sequence is switched it changes to, “centered in self.”  This is what my friend meant.

Yoga practice helps us find our true center- to be centered in self-and move with ease from that place of knowing.  This week we focus on our core, engaging the pelvic floor and abdominals to find our inner strength- that place we draw from deep within.

Take time for some self-care on a deep level. This practice will be challenging; engaging our core and reminding us of our own inner strength.

Rest assured, practice will include a well deserved savasana : )

See you on the mat!

Need more motivation on why strengthening your core is a good idea,?   Check out this link from Harvard Medical School,


Kim Metz
RYT 200 hour

Go within everyday and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.-  Katherine Dunham

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