Child's Pose

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in. ~John Muir

“Brain breaks are becoming part of the Howard County school day,” according to the Howard County Times article I read last week.

The purpose of the breaks is to help fight childhood obesity and to improve academic learning.

Linda Rangos, coordinator of health education for the school district says, “Some might hear the word break and say schools can’t afford to lose that academic time.” She says we cannot consider it a break but rather, “…an intervention for our children to optimize their health and academic learning.”

The article got me thinking about the traditional meaning of break, “an interruption or pause in work or during an activity.” When I casually fantasize about taking a break, I picture vegging out supine on the couch watching mindless TV, or relaxing on a warm sunny beach

What if instead of thinking of a break as an interruption, we considered it an integral seamless part of our day? Like in yoga, when we practice sun salutations and take a break resting our forehead on our hands between cobra and downward facing dog. We can either choose to tune-out regarding this part of the practice as unimportant or we can tune-in, inhabiting the space with every cell of our body, with each breath- bringing vitality to it- a vast full presence.

What if walking to the mailbox was that kind of break, or shoveling snow, or chopping vegetables for dinner? What about sitting down and savoring, really tasting your meal? Letting the texture and flavors mix like a symphony on your tongue- musical notes sliding all the way out of your fingertips and across the fields connecting you to the furrows of earth where the food was grown. What about that kind of break? Could you possibly say, “I’ll get to it when I have the time?”

This week, come take a break in yoga class. Use breath to find flow and invite seamless integration into every crevice of your practice. Welcome breaks as essential links, connecting sections of your practice and your day.

Take time to connect with yourself and the Universe.

See you on the mat!


Kim Metz

RYT 200 hour

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