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The impeded stream is the one that sings. ~ Wendell Berry

When my daughter learned to drive I fantasized about teaching her Driver’s Education course. I pictured myself in front of a flow chart where everything leads to “Don’t Crash!” 

This fantasy came to me after narrowly missing a large pile of debris in the road. As my daughter drove straight for it, I frantically screamed, “Left, left” furiously waving my hands towards the left as if I possessed Harry Potter-like magic and the car would obey. When I calmed down enough to ask my daughter what she was thinking she said, “ Well, we aren’t supposed to cross the double yellow line.”

Sometimes I picture a flow chart for yoga asana too.  Sure, it’s important to know safe alignment, knee over ankle, and breathing techniques but in the end all things lead to space, length and freedom. Some days there is a bump in the road and a pose will require something different to find freedom and ease. Give yourself permission to “cross the yellow line.”  Explore and don’t be held rigid and stuck by rules, trying to fit yourself into a pose. 

Like driving we have to pay attention to see and feel what is there in front of us. Sometimes it’s smooth sailing but other times there will be obstacles. 
And really that’s what deepens a yoga practice – taking time to be with that something in the road and explore how to flow with it and still find freedom and ease.

Yoga gives us the opportunity to explore – to be challenged and figure out “Ok, how am I going to navigate in this pose, in this moment, in this life?” That is skill in action- that is yoga.

Triangle pose offers many challenges and obstacles. Come explore ways to gain access to your full expression of the pose.  Go deep without sacrificing space, length or freedom.

See you on the mat!

Kim Metz
RYT 200 hour

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