Mountain Pose

Be willing to be a beginner every single morning. ~ Meister Eckhart

Tadasana (mountain pose) is a foundational pose typically taught in Beginner Yoga Classes. It has many benefits including aligned posture, but Tadasana is definitely not just for beginners.

Tadasana is one of my favorite poses.  At first glance it seems deceptively simple- just stand up straight, right? 

And yet the longer I practice it the more subtle Tadasana becomes and the more it has to teach me. Maybe the ordinariness and even pedestrian like quality of it is where it gets its power. After all, for most of us Tadasana can be found everywhere. Each time we stand up or wait in line at the store Tadasana is there for the taking.

It’s not new or visually astounding like some yoga poses may be that deeply bend the back or balance us on one arm or leg.  And yet, that is where the challenge lies. How do we approach Tadasana with a “Beginner’s Mind” again and again? 

I have been practicing Tadasana for years and whenever I remember to pause and be curious about the pose, it always has more to teach me. Each time I practice Tadasana is an opportunity to see it in a new light, with fresh eyes. I feel gratitude for the earth supporting me, the sky above my head and everything in between. It helps me remember to be present and offers a deeper connection to myself.

Tadasana not only offers strength, stability and spaciousness, but also reminds us that each day, each breath and moment is new.

See you on the mat!

Kim Metz
RYT 200 hour

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